5th Nov 2017


The Types Of Fences And Enclosures

The use of screens in gardens nowadays serve multiple functions. The most common of these is to separate spaces or areas within a larger area, but there is also the use of privacy screens Brisbane to conceal the presence of objects such as air conditioning units, rubbish bins or the like. Screens come in different types of materials, and depending on the environmental factors, as well as your own needs and wants, there are different varieties that you can put to use. For example, whilst wood can easily evoke a rustic feeling, it is prone to decay unless coated with the appropriate finishes, but the moister surroundings will certainly benefit from the use of stainless steel or aluminium, which are less prone to corruption and rusting. If you are wondering how to separate your garden spaces, or the deck from the rest of your garden, here are some of the main types of fences and enclosures used in most residential gardens nowadays:

  • Wooden – if you are looking for a less visible type of decorative screen, then wood is the best option for you. This is because wooden screens can easily blend in with the rest of the garden – especially if you promote the vertical growth of plants – such as climbers or creepers as in the case of orchids. Wooden screens come in a variety of materials, ranging from teak and oak to more expensive varieties such as mahogany. Usually, a protective coat or stain is applied to wood to increase its resistance to moisture, but you can also choose to forego this to allow the wood to weather naturally so as to fit in with the rest of your garden. Remember, however, that wooden screens are not long-lasting, and that they also present issues such as attracting insects such as termites.
  • Metal – metal garden screens are usually either use stainless steel or aluminium due to their corrosion-resistant properties, as well as their malleability. Often, these metal screens come as arbours or trellises with single panels, or as folding panels of more than two panels. Usually a coating to prevent rusting is mandatory – especially in the case of iron – but sometimes, these screens can be left as they are (that is, without such a finish) to recreate a rustic look. Painting is also ideal, as it can also be a barrier to prevent rusting. You might also want to consider the less popular but nonetheless aesthetically appealing choices of bronze or titanium to be used for your screens.
  • Synthetic – the use of synthetic screens is a good idea because they are cheaper and easier to install when compared to both wooden and metal screens. Their malleability allows them to come as multiple panels, but their biggest advantage is in the colour scheme and style options they offer.

20th Sep 2017


What Can You Do To Keep Your Property Safe?

Take a minute and think of how hard was it for your father to build a house for all the family members? Have you ever thought of that? Of course some of you may have. But, most of us don’t know about that. Because, we were small when they did all that. However, it is not an easy thing to do. More than a huge investment, it needs a lot of hard work. You will realize that once you start planning to build your own house one day. What will you have to do? You should first get it designed by an architect. Then the most important part is to find out a construction firm or an individual mason who have good experience in building a house. After finalizing all that, you get down to the action by purchasing all the equipment, materials needed. Whether it is your home or any other construction, the construction process is typically same. building and termite inspections

And it is your duty to keep an eye until it comes to an end. Today we live in a world which is full of fraudulent stuff and we never know when are we cheated. Let’s assume that you finish your construction after taking a lot of effort and also a massive investment. Do you think that everything will be perfectly fine after that? If so, you will be super stupid. In way, putting up a construction is relatively easier when you compare it with building maintenance Perth. It is the most difficult thing if you happen to own one.

What can you possibly do?

There are different types of issues which can arise inside or outside of a construction. For instance, a water leakage can happen on the roof or on the wall. There could be pipe lines which are fixed inside the walls and in case a pipe breaks, it could affect the wall with water being absorbed. Once you come across this type of a problem, it is better to get a mason to fix it. Here you don’t have to hire a separate maintenance company as it will be an unnecessary cost. Similarly, your construction can be affected by termite infestation. It should be said that termite hotspots in any construction or house are generally exterior, roof, attic, wooden furniture, and garage.

Some of the solutions would be, repairing broken roof tiles, checking the dampness of room, using plastic boxes to store items in the attic. If this happens in your office, you have the option to search for building and termite inspections Perth services. There are companies who offer this service for you. Prevention is better than cure. It could be applied to anything. Not only for your personal health.