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Characteristics of a magmatic glass board 

The ordinary household object known as a magnetic notice board is a great place to plan your day or scribble down important things to remember, like your shopping list or the deadline. . They are vital in offices, clothing and fashion enterprises, and any bar or club. Our magnetic notice board are compatible with all types of furniture, from the most traditional to the most modern one.  

The magnetic notice board is an appealing and exciting alternative to traditional boards or whiteboards. They are composed of superior, scratch-resistant, easily written-on, and erasable glass, and have a clean, straightforward design with rounded corners. 

Have a look at our whiteboards with magnets! 

The surfaces of our magnetic notice board are made of premium glass, enabling durable writing and exceptionally easy cleaning—just one swipe with an eraser or cloth works wonderfully. You can choose from a range of magnetic notice board in our inventory, ranging in size from the smallest to the largest. Our boards can also be mounted consecutively on the wall to form a shape due to the complete lack of a border. You may create exquisite interior decorations for your house or place of business with the magnetic notice board, which come in a number of brilliant colors. 

Whiteboards with a sturdy porcelain are available 

Our porcelain whiteboards sale offer the necessary durability and strength for heavy-duty use in classrooms, universities, and conference rooms. All sorts of markers may glide across the ultra-smooth, non-porous vitreous enamel surface with no resistance, eliminating ghosting and enhancing erasability. Permanent and semi-permanent inks can be removed with the right cleaners, although basic marker ink can be readily cleaned with a cloth or regular eraser. Our porcelain whiteboards sale matte surface makes it ideal for use with projectors and in bright areas where light reflection might be an issue. 

Grab our porcelain whiteboards sale with a surface warranty. Recommended for regular users, such as large businesses and schools. They have full-length pen trays, discreet wall fittings, and a surface that is incredibly hard-wearing and robust. We provide porcelain whiteboards sale, which have 60% less glare reflection than regular gloss surface whiteboards, for environments where projector use will predominate. Whiteboards with projection are advised for 80% projection and 20% writing. 

Contact our helpful staff if you urgently need a magnetic whiteboard or glass board of a standard size. We can arrange delivery in just a few days—about two to three. Standard stock sizes of traditional whiteboards with an aluminum frame are available, as well as custom sizes of your choosing. 

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