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The Beauty Trends

Looking and feeling beautiful is what all women want. It doesn’t matter whether they express this very feeling openly or remain quiet about it. That is why there are thousands of beauty trends that are utilized around the globe. Some women like to stay all-natural and some women like to go for the faster results for which they choose to pay a visit to their favourite salon.

Eyes are the windows to the hidden inner world of anyone. That is why people are more attracted to eyes and unintentionally pay attention to the eye. Beautiful eyes enhance the entire look. People have a certain picture in their mind when they think about what beautiful and enchanting eyes look like. Big, thick and curled lashes with perfectly shaped brows are what everybody looks for. Since the natural time takes more than the methods now are in use, girls are rushing for the salon appointments and they are taking the procedures regularly as they have to do nothing and get think lashes and brows.

Eyelashes extension:

Let’s face it. The constant use of makeup and chemical-based products it is quite hard to keep the natural lashes in perfect shape all the time. They fall and they get thin. Due to the excessive use of mascara and the application of the false quick false lashes unprofessionally damages the eyelashes quite a much. To combat this problem the beauty industry has come up with the eyelashes extension.

These lash extensions are contrasting from the normal false lashes. You see, the normal fake or false lash is glued on the eyelid lining with the natural eyelash and then mixed to give a perfect look. While removing the make, these are also removed. On the other hand, lash extensions are glued in between the natural once, one by one, giving the natural once the fuller and thicker appearance. These are not to be removed with the makeup by the end of the day. They will remain there along as one can easily maintain them. They can easily go for 5 to 6 months if taken care properly.


Thicker and fuller eyebrows give the appearance of the youthfulness. That is why the girl and now even boys work hard to maintain them to have the perfect look all the time. Many people are blessed with naturally thick eyebrows but have to struggle to achieve them. For some, the natural methods do just fine, and they get what they worked for and many still are unable to get them. Microblading is the process through which now people make their brows appear thicker. It is kind of tattooing of the eyebrows in such a manner that they appear to be real brows. Although this is a tattooing process still it is painless. Link here offer great quality of microblading service that will make your eyebrows on fleek.

This trend is appreciated by many and salons are booked with numbers of appointments every day for microblading.